One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. - Jack Kerouac

About Me

I’m a full-time firmware engineer, currently working at Amazon Robotics. I earned my Masters in Computer Engineering in May 2019, with a focus on systems and software. Since then I’ve been working on safety firmware and building the common software platform our applications run on.

As a kid I was always math and science centric, and taught myself to program in junior year from C++ and C# tutorials. Still, my primary interest was Biology until I entered college and found my interests in bio-engineering put the “fi” in sci-fi.

My coursework in college varied from VLSI design, where I architected and laid out silicon for a content-addressable-memory, to distributed systems, where I implemented a self-recovering consensus-based database. I spent a lot of time in a high-performance computing research lab, and was exposed to a lot of co-processor based acceleration techniques.

Outside of work I enjoy working on personal projects, some tech-related, some other crafts such as bookbinding and model painting (I love 40k lore). I also read a lot, some of my favorite recent books have been the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown, a tale of genetically-induced class warfare across the solar system, and the Cosmere series by Brandon Sanderson, a galaxy-spanning tale of magic and morality.

Other than that I have a good collection of board games, and have an ongoing ongoing DnD campaign in a setting I’ve been developing for a year now. It’ll likely spin into me writing a book from my player’s adventures, I’m excited for that day to come!


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