One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. - Jack Kerouac

Past “About Me”s

Everyone grows, inevitably an “About Me” becomes outdated. This is an archive of them, to give context to my life.

College though Graduation (May 2019)

I’m a Computer Engineering Masters Student at Northeastern University, with a focus on systems and software.

I love technology, and could probably chat someone’s ear off explaining how computers work from the bottom up! From how IC’s are constructed in-silicon to high-performance computing, I’ve had experience with it all.

If you’re thinking “Wow, this blog is shameless self promotion for a student”… you’re not entirely wrong. I’ve been writing technical blogs since my freshman summer, when I got into using YACC/BISON to play around with parsing code, but now that I’m approaching the time to start seeking a fulltime job I need to start seriously working on how I present myself. This is a part of that effort.